Tom's      Antique Tractors


1958 W450 LP Gas
#1741 C CS
There were 1794 W450's built total. What percentage would have been LP gas? This one has been through the shop

1957 350 Wheatland Special
#5791 S
A hard to find tractor. Has good matching tires, good sheet metal, and runs good. Is for sale.

560D Wheatland
Numbers Produced: 4165
The cab was put on this tractor shortly after it was new. The steering center cap still looks very good as does the rest of the interior. There are other cabs like this one in the region of the USA where it spent it's working life.

'53 Super W6 - Cast Frame
Pretty decent old SW6. Minor hood wrinkle, hardly a lick of paint left. The cast frame is more rare in the supers than the channel ones. Look in the book for yourself

1952 Super WD6
A nice early tractor (note cast frame) with only 2336 hours, when this picture was taken 10-00. Live hydraulics, and belt pulley . I have been using it on the feed grinder

'53 Super W6 LP Gas
8720 CJ
Look what I found!! Another factory original. The big decision will be as to which one to keep!!

1956 International 600D
Excellent runner with power steering

1957 600 Gas
#2009 J
Reportedly, there were 36 gas tractors built, all in "56.. Here is one that is not in many of the books, There were a few numbers issued for '57. This is one of them and a gas to boot

1959 460G Wheatland
#5059 S
Pretty decent tractor. Has a few problems I need to work on, but is basically sound. Rear tires are like new. Would like to find a power steering unit for it. Has a "100 yard" paint job that I would like to improve.

1953 Super W6
# 4184 J
This is the channel frame, gas version. What makes this tractor unique is the nice old repaint like that of the 350's and 450's

1955 Super WD9
# 5360 J
Big Ole' "Lunker" has power steering and fender extensions. Purchased out of N. Dakota

Displayed at the Ohio Farm Science Review

Upon arrival from Kansas.
The sheet metal is near perfect, one fender has a bend. Engine stuck

1953 Super W6 - LP Gas
#5689 CJ
I know of only a four others that are factory legit. If there are more out there, please contact me.


1966 706G Wheatland
I like the looks of this tractor. It is straight, runs good, TA works, tach works showing 3800+ hours (actual?). 5488 built with gas and diesel engines.

1953 Super WD6#10417 #10417
# 6503
This is the diesel version and is a later model as it has the channel frame

1956 W400 LP
#3032 CS
Good runner, has the LP head. approximately 2000 W400's built total in all fuel versions. Anyone want to buy the 23 x 30 tires?They have to come off this tractor!! May put them on the 706 wheatland

'52 Super W6 All Fuel
#2074 AJ
Has the rare All Fuel attachment. Also has live hydraulics, hour meter, remote hydraulic outlet and jar air clearer

1957 W450 Diesel
# 855
Good running tractor with decent sheet metal and tires

Just back from the restoration shop. Complete engine rebuild, etc...A real sharp tractor

191956 W 400 Diesel
Just my luck! After getting the disappointing one from Al Nickel in Canada, I run across this one. A great runner.

1957 W650 Diesel
Tractor runs decent after it warms-up. Has nice fenders and power steering. No antifreeze or diesel in the engine oil. Restorable low production tractor

1954 Super W6-TA
One of my "Keepers". I like the Torque Amplifier. These were built one year and only 3006 produced

560 LP Wheatland               Number produced: 155               #3466 S Y CCC L

1955 W400
#775 S
Nice running tractor with factory power steering, matching tires. Early version; no stainless "W" on the hood.

1957 W450 LP Gas
#1538 CS
I am lucky to own two of these. Was able to save it before too many parts were sold off it. Update: Found a correct head and power
steering. Tractor is now running

1954 Super WD6-TA
# 12123 S
This is another "keeper". Everything is right about this tractor. Less than 900 of these were built

1957 W450 Gas
By securing this tractor, I now have all the W450 fuel versions; LP Gas, Diesel, (are there All Fuels?) and Gasoline. This tractor is running. Had a stuck valve. Runs clean with good oil pressure. About 700 gas versions were built, including LP Gas.

1959 560 Gas Wheatland
Nice straight tractor, but the engine plays the knock/knock game.
Update: The tractor had an engine major and the TA repaired 10-04.