Tom's      Antique Tractors


1953 Super MD

# 47227 J
A "keeper". Engine recently rebuilt and has power steering. A correct wide front has replaced the junker.

This is a conversion that could easily be converted back. Perhaps it should be left as it is; this is a part of history. Good sound engine, factory wide front with "Z" code hubs, an almost perfect grill, and a TA that works.

1954 Super M LP Gas
#52415 NJ
This is a factory LP gas tractor and a 1954 model makes it even better. Has to be very low production. Nice sheet metal and Charlyn power steering. This likely will be a keeper

Super M-TA All Fuel
#67633 AS
A rare tractor. Has the all fuel option, recent paint and runs good. Need a replacement all fuel manifold.

1953 Super M
# 18654 J
A great match with the Super MD, far right. Has factory WF, PS, fenders, live hydraulics. Note the unusual rear weights. Super straight

This is the paint scheme that it had at purchase, so I had it repainted that way. I think it looks sharp!!

Super M & Super MTA

Super M-TA LP Gas            #65422 DS

Farmall Super M-TA LP Gas Conversion
IH authorized 500 SM-TA's to be retrofitted with lp gas by an outside contractor. This is one of those tractors

1939 Farmall M
This is the "Grand Ole' Dame". The first year for the "M" model. This one is a nice original that has escaped the parts pile and the tractor pullers

Super M-TA
Presently the show tractor. I have added fenders. Has new tires and power steering. Rebuilt from end to end

Super MD-TA
# 76609 SD
Presently my "keeper" . That could change.
Has new tires and fenders

1953 Louisville Super M
# L508132
A "Keeper" because of the features. M&W hand clutch, Charlynn power steering, factory electric hour meter, live hydraulics, etc...

1954 Super M All Fuel
#52021 AJ
Talk about a desireable tractor. A true '54, has the all fuel options, power steering, IH wide front, live hydraulics, like new tires, jar air cleaner.

1953 Super M Cotton Special
#L 504641 AJ
Some people claim these are not true hi-clears. It looks pretty high to me!! Anyway, I put it in the Super M portion of the shed, to prevent an argument. Nice combination; Louisville made and All Fuel

1953 Super M - LP Gas
# 27845 CJ
This is the picture from which I bought the tractor. It is impossible to go see them all