Tom's      Antique Tractors


1970 International 120 with 4x4
and 4 Speed Transmission
Needs a little body work but otherwise is ready to go. Cub Cadet hauler?

1953 Louisville Super M
A straight tractor with good tires and power steering. We used it often in the fall of 2014 to pull green chop wagons because it operates so nice.

International Hydro 70 Diesel
This will go well with the Hydro 70 gas that I already own. These tractors are great for balers or choppers where variable speeds are available on the move. Need the frame and canopy painted and we are ready to go!

1957 Farmall 130 Hi-Clear
The "130" took the place of the 100. Cute, little long-legged gal with only 570 built

544 G Hydro Utility
Found this one locally

Here is some of the "new stuff" going into The Shed

International 460 Hi-Utility Gas
Less than 240 built. Not Many people know about these girls. Reportedly, they were built for tobacco growers.

1954 Super H with Belly Finish Mower
Couldn't let this one get past me when I came across it. Mower is like new, and we mowed a rental property with it during the summer of 2014.

International 706D Wheatland
Project in progress. Found it local. Who would have guessed there was one in Ross Co., Ohio! Have a gas model; perhaps I can find an LP gas model

1958 350 Diesel Hi-Utility
I looked for this rare tractor for a long time and found this one here in Ohio. This great runner completes my set of diesel, LPG and gasoline. Not sure whether there may be an all fuel version out there

New Stuff

International Hi-Utility Diesel
I looked for one of these for a long time. I knew about this one, and when it came up for sale I was able to get it purchased. Only 77 built

1950's Model 37 White Demonstrator Baler
The dealers took these out to the farm or to field days to interest farmers in purchasing an IH baler. There are gold stickers around the baler pointing out the various features.

1954 Super M-TA All Fuel
It's not exactly a creampuff, and I already have a better example in the collection, but it is hard for me to resist a rare version of the Super M-TA. So I brought it home

Tubocharged 560 Diesel Wheatland
This tractor makes my heart pitter patter!
Love to hear the turbo whine!!