Tom's      Antique Tractors


5 Bottom #16 Plow
A hard to find plow in real decent condition
Refurbished in 2006 (here and below)

1957 J&L Machine 350U Hi-Crop
#549/AS/J&L501 - 18 Built
J&L Machine in Louisiana reportedly built these tractors for the cane fields. One of two restored ones known.

1957 350 Hi-Clear
#HCxxx58pp501- 151 Built
Was pleased to get this tractor. Has a rebuilt engine and real decent sheet metal. One of 151 manufactured. Factory TA delete

3 Bottom Fasthitch Plow

1974 Hydro 70 Diesel Hi Clear
This has to be a rare tractor. Needs some work, but it runs and moves

IH #10 Flail Chopper
Use it daily during greenchop seasons

IH 455 Planter 4x
Really nice condition, in fact, think I will plant a few rows of corn with it to chop for the cows this fall. Planter dates from the '06 tractor era

Model F3 Spring Tooth Harrow
Nice 1 pt. needing just minor repairs

Model 27
Demonstrator Baler
Ran across this item at a local monthly consignment auction. It is white with gold stickers and black letters that highlight the features. Stickers are in good condition and will tape them off before repainting. The company evidently let individuals try these out and/or used them at field days. I believe this one still has the original tires and doesn't appear to have had much use

IH #15 Chopper
Outstanding condition. Will use it

1 Bottom, 1 pt. Rollover Plow
Now I need a tractor for it!!

Super C Disk Plow
(4 Disk)
I thought this was a rare item, especially for the Super C. Good condition, just needs paint.

IH Fasthitch Planter - 2x
Great original planter

Plow-4 Bottom IH, believed to be a No. 16

International 1PR Corn Picker.

Model 80 International Combine

IH Equipment

1 Bottom Fasthitch Rollover Plow

205 Combine
Excellent shape; ready to work