706 D Glowplug
This tractor is about as straight as they come. Overhaul in the last 2K hrs. TA works. Engine starts easy and runs good; doesn't smoke but has a little blowby, but not excessive. Many of us old timers have a little blowby!! Tires hold air. Green chopper. I used during 2013 crop year.

1948 Super AV
# 264704
Another nice model to have. Small and easy to haul. Runs, but needs engine work.

Coolant in the oil.

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For Sale

1957 350 Wheatland Special
Good runner, TA works good, matching tires, sheet metal needs minor repairs, needs a seat, rare, hard to find tractor

Silver King
A rare Mountain State tractor.

For sale or trade for IH tractors.

One of the easiest starting 560D that I have owned. The TA needs work, has a fasthitch, and after-market wide front.
Has power steering


These tractors are ones that I have decided to sell because I found another one of the same model that I like better, I had a "Senior Moment" and bought it for reasons now unknown or I found one to resell to help support this ungodly habit. If you want to contact me call (740) 993-4974 in the evenings or by email: tharp@bright.net. E-mail works the best for me.

Please don't call looking for parts as I'm not in the salvage business.

I don't do appraisals either, so please do not call or e-mail requesting buying and selling advice. I can't appraise something I can't see in person unless, you want to pay for my expenses to go look at the tractor; otherwise only one person ends up on the short end of that stick; me!! Good places to look for tractor prices are websites like Yesterdays Tractors, Tractor House, Ironsearch, etc...

If you are serious about buying or selling with me have a price in mind. Thanks!