Tom's      Antique Tractors


1957 450 LP Gas
19596 CC
This is a different tractor, Is a factory delete TA and a transmission driven PTO. Has power steering, live hydraulics & fasthitch. Someone has put steel pressed rims and 16.9 x 34 tires. Runs good and has the LP head

1957 International 650 Gas
I was really pleased to trade for this tractor.
A nice, rare  & good running original tractor

1957 450 All Fuel
#9917 A S
Rare !!!! Bought this tractor at the King Sale 9-13-03. I have never seen another one with the All Fuel option. If you have one of these, would like to hear from you

1957 650 LP
I have had this tractor for several years. Got it out the other day and have been using it.
A really nice original. A keeper

1957 International 650D
Has potential...

450's & 650's

1958 International W450 LP Gas
# L1741 C CS
Less than 2000 W450's were built, including gasoline, diesel, and LP. This has to be rare. Restoration done.

This 650D starts easy and switches over to diesel nicely. May sell the other one

1958 450 Gas
#23828 S

A nice running tractor with power steering and good, but not perfect sheet metal. TA works today. Will add a wide front and fasthitch and keep it because of the year.